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fall 2013

The French American Cultural Society was formed in 1999. Its mission is to offer more opportunities for the residents of the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento region of Northern California, to experience the richness and diversity of French culture.

The FACS organizes a yearly gala, "Paris est une fête". This year's event is the result of the collaboration with the Alliance Française. Both non-profit organizations share a common objective to bridge French and American Cultures.

This is the third time that Design on Moss is selected to create the visuals for this anticipated event.

Fluid Exhibit


on going

ARTSEDGE is an education program of the Kennedy Center.

The Kennedy Center instituted ARTSEDGE in 1996 as its educational media arm, reaching out to schools, communities, individuals and families with printed materials, classroom support and Internet technologies. Eleven million people participate in Kennedy Center Education Department programming each year.

DoM contributes to the design of Cuesheets. Cuesheets are free print performance guides that help kids and teenagers prepare for attending events at the Center (and on the road.)


Comite tricolore

sharing and helping

Spring 2013

The Comité Tricolore is the umbrella organization bringing together all French associations in the DC metro area. It organizes the annual Bastille Day celebration, as well as some other charitable events.

DoM designed the new logo and website for the Comité. DoM has also designed event logos, websites and promotional materials for events organized by the Comité, such as the 2013 Bastille Day, or the Gala du Coeur.

alliance francaise

culture and language

on going

The Alliance Française is the largest network of French language and cultural centers in the world, and its DC satelite is the leading center in the Washington, D.C. metro area for French language services and francophone resources.  The goal of the Alliance is to challenge and enrich the lives of the D.C. community by offering the chance to connect with people of different backgrounds and cultures in order to better understand and appreciate the greater global community.

DoM designs ads and publications for the Alliance.


walking for peace

Spring 2013

In response to the growing divide between the Middle East and the rest of the world, a circle of local and global leaders formed the Abraham Path Initiative in 2007. Since the initial founding, the initiative has worked with host communities, local partner organizations, and a widening circle of global supporters to uncover the path across the region.The Abraham Path is a long-distance walking trail across the Middle East. The path retraces the cultural memory of the journey of Abraham and his family and celebrates its story of hospitality and kindness to strangers.

DoM has designed a variety of print elements for the Abraham Path including a general brochure, a photo book, and the 2012 annual report shown here.